Saturday October 31 , 2020
Exact Tolerance

Have a complex fabrication job requiring exact tolerances and consisting of large members, shaped PL’s, and excessive welds. At SMW these are no problem for our equipment and experienced staff. It's what we do everyday.

Hardened Metals

At SMW we build hoppers, any shape and any size. We can also line them with AP PL. Our experience cutting, welding, and drilling this hardened material is just one of the reasons we are successful.


Put our CNC Angle-Line to work for your detail components or long bracing angles. These components can then be coated if required and shipped back to you or to the job site VIA LTL (if size permits) trucking to save you both time and money.


Custom built window guards were built from t-bars and angle iron with the screening being a special decorative metal. Each unit was fabricated, completely galvanized and assembled with stainless steel tamper-proof hardware.

Blast and Coat

Need some material sand-blasted and coated? SMW can help. We have more than enough blast and paint equipment to complete your project. With 2 blast pots, media hoppers, air-less sprayers, cup-guns, industrial spray equipment, digital millage gauges, and temperature controlled buildings, several coat systems are no problem. We have sprayed everything from a simple gray fab prime and yellow hand-rail, to complete organic and inorganic zinc paint systems, along with high-temp coatings.


Our team takes the time to make sure your material is on the truck the "Right-Way" to ensure minimal damage on the paint system.


Oversize loads aren't a problem for SMW. We can arrange shipping for almost all wide or long load situations that arise.


SMW can package your finished product to your requirements. We can custom build in our in-house Wood & Skid Shop.

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